NUKLEONIKA 2002, 47(Supplement 1):s67-s68



Andrzej G. Chmielewski, Ryszard Wierzchnicki, Małgorzata Derda,
Agnieszka Mikołajczuk

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, 16 Dorodna Str., 03-195 Warsaw, Poland

Literature studies show that there are few data on sulfur isotope ratio in available the Polish coals. Elaboration of a method for the separation of sulfur from coal and measurement of sulfur isotope ratio of Polish coals is the scope of this work. The aim of the study was the preparation of coal samples and extraction of the particular form of sulfur. The stable compounds (Ag2S and BaSO4) were converted into sulfur dioxide. Sulfur isotope ratio in the gas phase was determined using a mass spectrometer. Samples were taken from selected Polish coal mines. Hard coal from Upper Silesia Basin, one sample from the Bogdanka coal-mine and one sample of lignite from the Belchatow coal-mine.

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